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Difarmed tiene un vademécum en crecimiento continuo con novedades todos los meses
Gama de productos Difarmed, con un vademécum de más de 170 productos y catálogo actualizado
Gama de productos Difarmed, con un vademécum de más de 170 productos y catálogo actualizado

Líder en el mercado de Productos de Distribución Europea

With a vade mecum of more than 170 references that include medicines, health products and parapharmacy. More than 2,500 pharmacy offices trust us.

We are backed by more than 20 years of experience in the sector, forming part of a multinational group with a presence in Germany, France, Netherlands, England, Italy and Portugal.

May 2000
Difarmed was established

logo difarmed

Oct 2010
First catalog

We offer our first PDE catalog to Spanish pharmacies.

Jul 2015
Change of venue

We moved from Barcelona to Sant Feliu de Llobregat.

Jan 2022
We are expanding our facilities

New building and many emerging projects.

Jan 2022
Sustainable energy

Difarmed is powered by renewable energy.

This is our current team,
always on the lookout for new talent

Corporate Social Responsibility


Completely self-sufficient building with zero primary energy consumption, with the combination of geothermal and photovoltaic energy


With our new digitization process we reduce paper consumption. We make documents and invoices available online

Local production

Premium reconditioning of secondary packaging following GMP at our facilities in Barcelona

Difarmed logo

We now repackage and produce locally in Barcelona, and have digitalized order processing for the entire Spanish pharmaceutical market.

Philippe Ollivier, Dir.gral. Difarmed. 2022

Difarmed: Quienes Somos

What is a European Distribution Product?

European Distribution or parallel importation means that a medicinal product authorised in one member state can be marketed in another member state, in which it is also authorised.

To do so, it is necessary to obtain a Parallel Import Authorisation (AIP), granted by the AEMPS or EMA, in the case of a speciality with a European registration.

This authorisation can be obtained as long as the quantitative and qualitative composition, the pharmaceutical form and the therapeutic effects of the imported product are identical to those of the product previously authorised by the competent agency.


The PDEs have a national code different from the national presentation code assigned by the AEMPS, and the product will be re-packaged according to the regulations of the country of marketing.


The relabelling or repackaging of a parallel imported speciality depends on the characteristics of the outer packaging of the medicinal product, the requirements of the health authorities and the trademark rights holder.

In order to meet optimal quality standards and to ensure the safety and traceability of EDPs, Difarmed strictly applies Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Distribution Practices.


Difarmed complies with the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161 and the serialisation requirements from the outset, both with the unique identifier and the tamper-evident devices on the secondary packaging.

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